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I request the largest hand for a great facepalm now

I recently read the chapter where Adult!Reborn is finally introduced *Cue fangirl squeals* and how far Tsuna’s denseness can go. Which was this chapter-

Exhibit A

Really Tsuna, really?

Exhibit B

Dame-Tsuna will always be Dame, no matter how much life threatening things happen to him. I might be wrong if you take a look at the TYL!Tsuna or if we, the fans will ever have a chapter of the living Decimo. Who knows? Only Amano knows. But that’s what Tsuna fans love about him.

Oh and before I forget, I know have a new found hate for Iemitsu. Maybe for this-

I just want to shoot Iemitsu repeatedly until there’s no chance of him surviving.

And maybe after the KH 30 day challenge, I’ll start the KHR 30 day challenge.